List of Top 10 World Richest Soccer Clubs

List of Top 10 World Richest Soccer Clubs

Financial services firm Deloitte re-released Football Money League report. In the annual report, Deloitte reveals the list of football clubs with the greatest wealth in the world Agen Bola.

Football clubs that entered the English league managed to dominate the top 10 rankings. The wealth of this football club comes from a Premier League contract that could reach 8 million pounds sterling over three years.

Even so, there are also some clubs from the French League, Spain and Germany who sit in the top position..

List of Top 10 World Richest Soccer Clubs

List of Top 10 World Richest Soccer Clubs

10. Juventus

Wealth: US $ 496.9 million or Rp 6.2 trillion

9. Liverpool FC

Wealth: US $ 519.5 million or Rp 6.4 trillion

8. Chelsea FC

Wealth: US $ 524.3 million or Rp 6.5 trillion

7. Paris Saint German

Wealth: US $ 595.4 million or Rp 7.4 trillion

6. Arsenal FC

Wealth: US $ 597.1 million or Rp 7.46 trillion

5. Manchester City

Wealth: US $ 646.2 million or Rp 8.07 trillion

4. Bayern Munich

Wealth: US $ 719.8 million or Rp 8.9 trillion

3. FC Barcelona

Wealth: US $ 793.2 million or Rp 9.9 trillion

2. Real Madrid

Wealth: US $ 825.9 million or Rp 10.3 trillion

1. Manchester United

Wealth: US $ 827.9 million or Rp 10.34 trillion

The Richest Usually have a lot of fans

Football or commonly referred to as the Football is one of the most prominent sport worldwide, these sporting activities fans spread throughout a lot of the world.

This appeal makes Football an extremely appealing organisation, both for players and organizations/ firms that handle it through Football Club.

According to data cited by Forbes magazine, one of the most well-off football club is the Spanish Football Club Real Madrid for a value people $ 3,263 million or about Rp. 44.98 trillion.

Football Club which was founded on March 6, 1902 was managed to gain income from different resources such as live broadcasts, ads, matches and also brand name consume to US $ 746 million or about Rp. 10.29 trillion.

The 2nd position is loaded by rivals particularly Barcelona Football Club which likewise comes from Spain. Football Club Barcelona which was founded on 29 November 1899 deserves United States $ 3,163 or about Rp. 43.65 trillion.

While for the 3rd setting of the World’s Richest Football Club is occupied by Football Club from England that is Manchester United with value people $ 3,104 or about Rp. 42.83 trillion.